Thoughts on cast zinc alloy projectiles?

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spyderco monkey
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Thoughts on cast zinc alloy projectiles?

Post by spyderco monkey » 17 May 2015, 09:05

I was looking into Zinc alloy as a inexpensive casting material for .327 federal projectiles as they typically operate at velocities that exceed the use of cast lead or plated bullets (100gr @1600fps, for example.) It turns out that Zamak 3 has a similar melting temperature to lead, casts well, and is quite inexpensive ($10 for 4lbs.) It's also naturally lightweight (approx 70% of lead.)" onclick=";return false;

It occurred to me that these cast Zamak bullets would be ideal also for the 5.7. If there are 7000 grains per lb, a 28grain Zamak bullet would cost a penny each. This seems like it would be a great practice projectile that could be driven at comparable velocities to our favorite 28gr defensive loads for similar point of impact training.

Going one step further, a custom mold could be created with a "Spoon Tip" front like the HK CETME cartridge, that would allow the bullet to tumble. This would make it useful for both plinking and defense.

It seems like Zinc bullets have been used in the past. Dillion used to market them under the "ZEE" name brand, and there was some experimentation in the late 40's and 50's with them as well.

I think the real issue is creating a mold with bands to reduce friction and keep pressures safe. Are there any other issues you guys see with the idea?

Mister Freeze
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Re: Thoughts on cast zinc alloy projectiles?

Post by Mister Freeze » 18 May 2015, 05:05

I'd be interested in the balistic characteristics being that Zinc and Zinc alloys are harder than lead. A thought I had was typical 55gr .224 jackets filled with Zinc INSTEAD of lead.

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Re: Thoughts on cast zinc alloy projectiles?

Post by CPTKILLER » 18 May 2015, 08:07

I would assume only if velocities are lower.

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