5.7x28 with blue dot and 35 gr VMAX

Reloading info for the 5.7x28mm

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5.7x28 with blue dot and 35 gr VMAX

Post by JHeckert1974 » 22 Apr 2021, 07:17

Hello, i am new here and fairly new to reloading. I own a Ruger 57 and have around 750 rounds for it. I bought a die so i can start reloading the empties. Fron research online it seems like true blue and a 40 gr bullet is a good way to go. Unfortunately my LGS had neither. I had found data for AA #9 so i was about to buy that until one of the employees said that his brother loads alot of 57 and really likes to use blue dot for it. So i bought the blue dot and my choices for bullets was either 55 gr or 35 gr. I figured since 35 gr is a little closer to weight as the 40 i should go with that. So now i am trying to find a starting point for this combo but not really finding what i need. Almost everything is for 40 gr.

What would be a good starting point for using blue dot powder with a 35 gr vmax? Min and max powder or a min to start at and OAL for the bullet. From what i am reading it is shorter and OAL should be around 1.489". case trim length to 1.135"?

I am reading alot of topics on this site and finding out more than i could anywhere else and what things to look for, thanks for the info.

I am using RCBS press and bought a 2 die set from Lee to load these rounds.


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