Gander Mtn Going out of business sale

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Gander Mtn Going out of business sale

Post by Geoman » 14 Jun 2017, 18:57

Was in local Gander Mountain this week and saw all firearms at 15% off. They had several FsN's in the case for ~ $1100. YMMV FYI

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Re: Gander Mtn Going out of business sale

Post by GONRA » 15 Jun 2017, 13:33

GONRA's BRAND NEW Gander Mountain has been open for less than a year.
Huge yellow "Going Out Of Business" banner went up 1-2 weeks ago.

Decided I better visit it before it disappeared.
Inside, noted "Temporary Help Wanted" sign.
Wandered around, very well stocked, pistols, ammo, --- not many people.

Pretty sure they are gonna need much larger discounts to clear it all out.

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Re: Gander Mtn Going out of business sale

Post by blueorison » 15 Jun 2017, 16:53

Yeah, all of the outdoor stores like Gander, Dick's, Basspro, etc. have always, to me, been hard to take seriously. I rarely would consider buying anything there. Cabelas finally got their act together and realized they had to be competitive and not rest on their laurels.

But then I'm not the kind of redneck to spend thousands on "luxury fishing poles". I cut a piece of bamboo down and stick a nightcrawler on a line.

They maintain a staff that epitomizes the negative "gun store employee" ignorance within that stereotype. They're a joke and feel condescending as heck when they have clearance prices that aren't even clearance prices.

I went in to check out guns and they had a model of pistol I'd never seen before (I don't recall what it was) and I almost, ALMOST wanted to ask them if I could check it out, but the emotional trauma from speaking with him after I heard him speak to the couple in front of me made me walk away.
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