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FNSc 9

Post by PainKillaX » 08 Jan 2015, 02:13

No, I haven't gotten one yet. Maybe when someone else buys one, they can post their review and pics in here? ;)

This afternoon I was set on getting myself an FNS 9. Then I thought about the new compact. If I'm reading this right there is only a .4" barrel difference (3.6 vs 4.0). The compact comes with a 17 rd magazine with a sleeve, which I'm guessing is the same 17 rounder that the FNS would take? If the 17 rd + sleeve makes the same full size grip then the compact would offer three modes (12+1 flat, 12+1 pinky, 17+1 full size) as opposed to the FNS's one (17+1 full size) at the expense of a shorter barrel. Initial reviews seem to indicate the compact having a slightly improved trigger as well, although I don't know what characteristics make it better, and not -too- much more recoil, again without measurable metrics.

I've been looking for a new range/carry gun to bridge the gap between my FsN and XDs 3.3" .45. More range than carry. I actually do trust my life to that stupid XDs, at least within ten yards. One is expensive and too big to carry, the other is no fun at the range. I'll let you figure out which is which.

At this point I've rambled enough. I've done plenty of range shooting but no competition shooting thus far. Just sort of looking for opinions, would the full size offer a huge benefits in terms of accuracy and recoil management, or should I keep looking at the compact which offers the benefit having more variations of use? Decisions, decisions!

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