Trader ratings

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Trader ratings

Post by f3rr37 » 21 Nov 2008, 21:57

Since ther haven't been any mods out for the forum software to duplicate the old Trader rating system that was on the old forum, I've created a simpler solution based on a suggestion from Esteves.

It is a new subforum located in the Classifieds section, you can read about how to use it in the sticky post in the new subforum.

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Re: Trader ratings

Post by jmz5 » 22 Nov 2008, 06:05

Sweet idea Jake. :thumb:

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Re: Trader ratings

Post by Cyberfly » 22 Nov 2008, 16:42

You took the Wuss thing too personally...I was only teasing. :p
Good job though! :thumb:
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Re: Trader ratings

Post by Esteves » 22 Nov 2008, 19:48

f3rr37 wrote:...I've created a simpler solution based on a suggestion from Esteves.
Credit where credit is due: Wolly did it!
Wollychop wrote:Maybe an easy solution would be a sticky thread where folks could post their positive experiences in trading with members?
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Re: Trader ratings

Post by f3rr37 » 22 Nov 2008, 19:57

Oh, my mistake, I could have sworn it was you... Sorry Wolly!

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Re: Trader ratings

Post by Wollychop » 22 Nov 2008, 20:42


Thanks Esteves, I was gonna lose sleep over that one :laugh:

Thanks fuzzy!

Glad in any way to contribute.

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