Review of the TA02 and REM ACOG

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Review of the TA02 and REM ACOG

Post by M1P90 » 04 Aug 2023, 19:02

THE TA02 is great but I wish it had a fiber optic also for SHTF. The TA31 with the REM ACOG fits the bill.
Concluding hands on with all of the the 4x ACOG offerings from trijicon, how does this one stack up? How an optic is pitched vs used in real life can differ which is why I had to run this one for some thoughts.
The REM ACOG review starts at 8:34 and ends at 13:25. They threw it against a huge bolder and even SHOT it. It is very durable.
It gives the TA31 the same advantages as the TA02 but keeps the Fiber Optic. :)


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