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Post by jmz5 » 16 Dec 2008, 14:30

Smooth transaction, excellent communication.

Brass came safe and sound

Great seller. :thumb:

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Re: 5Jeffro7

Post by f3rr37 » 31 Dec 2008, 15:16

Fast payment, what more can you ask for? :D

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Re: 5Jeffro7

Post by MrSlippyFist » 07 Apr 2009, 11:25

Good guy to deal with, honest and good communication.
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Re: 5Jeffro7

Post by flyingirish04 » 16 Apr 2009, 10:36

Great Guy to deal with. Mags were as advertised. Thanks!!! :thumb:
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Post by panzermk2 » 22 Oct 2010, 09:34

fast, Quick couldn't have been easier.
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