Sen. Ted Cruz

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Sen. Ted Cruz

Post by blueorison » 25 Jul 2015, 00:06 ... horization" onclick=";return false;

Bryan posted this on FB. I'm reposting it here.

And the below is how I feel about our country.

I want to cry for our country.

Not for the corrupt, vile, notworthspittingon politicians, but for our country. Not for the leeches, not for the welfare queens, but for the people who work hard because they still think the American dream exists. For the America I always saw growing up, thinking she would still be there when I'd be in my 20s.

I cry for our country, because it still has a few good men, but they are not enough.

I cry for our country, because I no longer recognize her. She is dead, and upon her carcass, the vultures have made their home. Rich, decadent and a cesspool of fat criminal charlatans.

When they grow old their deathbed arrives; they will decry their actions, as they will realize how useless and poisonous their existence has been to the future of the world. But it will do no good, only lay a burden of guilt so heavy upon their hearts for a little while, as they draw their last breath.

I will not cry for them, but for the victims of their pathetic existence.

Have a good night. I'm jaded, and it won't change. Because these people and my generation won't change. I believe in the potential for them to change, but that they won't.
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Re: Sen. Ted Cruz

Post by ddouglas » 28 Jul 2015, 19:53

A sad lament, Blue, but you are not alone in having become almost numbed by our "leaders" ignorance of what made America great, and seeing how rapidly the fire of our destruction is spreading or content with direction we're taking.

But without hope...? In 1823, Evgeny Baratynsky said, "Providence has given human wisdom the choice between two fates: either hope and agitation, or hopelessness and calm."

The majority of the population appears to not be agitated about what is happening around them.... That is a bad sign.

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