Massive influx of children across the Texas border

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Re: Massive influx of children across the Texas border

Post by Teflon » 14 Jul 2014, 05:32

These kids seem to be coming in because their parents think there is an amnesty for them. My understanding is that is not correct, but they are entitled to a hearing where they can plead their case that they are refugees from terrorism. Obviously someone has been promoting the idea south of Mexico and I'd be surprised if it wasn't another business model for the Zetas since the kids are coming through Tamaulipus state and are obviously protected. A year ago they would have been forced into ransom and forced to smuggle drugs.

That's the current situation.

In previous years there were large numbers of Mexicans coming across. I don't know where these stories of welfare come from (women with dependent children might get welfare but I don't see how a young guy could). Most of the illegals that I have met just want to work and a surprising number of them are actually returning to the USA where they already have jobs, cars, family, etc.

Frankly, I just can't get real excited. If we would decriminalize marijuana the bottom would fall out of the cartels' current business model. As far as I am concerned let Mexicans grow dope and deliver it by the truckload to the border to pay taxes on it. Let the Border Patrol (already the biggest police force on the planet) concentrate on intercepting hard drugs. And intercepting the handful of bad guys that have managed to get here - they need to go to jail if they are wanted.

But the run of the mill Latin working guy or gal isn't a big deal. And the reality is that at the moment there aren't many Mexicans coming across now that their economy is doing well. It's folks coming in from Central America and Asia now. The border areas are 75-88% Hispanic, and Spanish is spoken as often as English here in the Eagle Ford Shale field.

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Re: Massive influx of children across the Texas border

Post by bobbatchelor » 14 Jul 2014, 17:11

Teflon, I don't have a problem with legal immigration but a country, any country has to have control of its border. Illegal immigration must be controlled. Thanks for the suggestions for my safety.

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Re: Massive influx of children across the Texas border

Post by Teflon » 15 Jul 2014, 05:01

Mister Freeze wrote:The bottom line is that though the concept of coming to America for the OPPORTUNITY to work hard AND enjoy the fruits of your labors, the reality is that we, as a nation, have made it too easy to cross our borders by breaking our laws by rewarding that criminal activity with medicine, housing, and education. Do not blame those trying to take what we are giving away.

We had a Nicaraguan gal that worked for us a few years ago. She was raped in Mexico as she tried to flee north. Once she got to the USA she was in hiding for 20 years until she was able to apply for citizenship.

Considering the time frame she was quite likely a victim of the war that Reagan started with the Sandinistas.

The railroad that most migrants from Central and South America take through Mexico is called the Railroad of Death because of the large numbers of migrants that are killed trying to ride it. Ironically it is run by a subsidiary of a US company.

A few years ago you may have heard of mass killings in a little town called San Fernando that is due south of Reynosa. What was going on was that the Zetas had taken over the town and were intercepting migrants that were on the way to the US border. They took them off the buses, stole all of their property, and sent ransom demands to the families. In many cases the migrants were given a backpack full of drugs, taken to the border, and told to get the drugs across the border or else. There were two episodes of around 100 dead in each episode. In at least one incident the word was that the bus was used to drive over the victims as the most expedient way to kill that many people.

(As an aside I know that area fairly well. The main road to Victoria actually bypasses San Fernando, but there is a giant Pemex truck stop nearby where we'd stop for fuel. Also, there used to be a family restaurant where we'd stop at for T-bone breakfast steaks when passing through.)

Finally, despite all the conservative memes about welfare assistance for migrants like all of these stories coming out of Faux News they seem to be exaggerated. A family with dependent children, yes, I can see the children getting benefits. In a Christian nation we generally don't like the idea of infants starving to death. But as far as adults are concerned other than minimal levels of food stamps there isn't much in the way of benefits available for the poor or unemployed.

So basically when someone says that migrants have it "too easy" one has to wonder how hard it was for that person to get established in the USA. Or somehow do they think they are "entitled" by virtue of being born here and usually male and white?

Personally I am extremely sympathetic to the folks trying to get across. After what we have done to muck up Central and South America the least that we could do is to lend a helping hand.

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Re: Massive influx of children across the Texas border

Post by Rapier1772 » 15 Jul 2014, 09:11

Both comments deleted.
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