Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

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Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

Post by mickey223 » 27 Aug 2009, 12:22

Looking for a good long range coyote round, an am wanting to start loading for the 300 win mag. I'm tired of 223 and 308 and wanting to play with a new round.

I recently picked up a savage 110fcp-k in 300 win mag with 24 inch barrel, and have stumbled across the recent transition of the army to the same caliber in their m24's.

I see they are using a 220 Sierra matchking coming out at 2870 fps, but I have yet to find a comparable load, with most powder I'm seeing have a max v. at 2700.

Any suggestions, as I would really like to see what this can do out to 1500 yards.

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Re: Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

Post by SSBiggun » 27 Aug 2009, 12:57

Ive never used the 220's but I worked up a load with the 190's using 72.1 grs of RE-22 and was getting close to 2900 fps. Using a REM sendoro with a 26" bbl.

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Re: Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

Post by czim » 01 Sep 2009, 14:57

The best I've seen is from Vihtaviori' data listed on their website listing the 220 moving at 2733 fps using N570 @ 75.3 gr using magnum primers. THIS IS THE LISTED MAX. The Lyman manual has data for the 200 gr sierra and with RX25 maxs at 2938 fps with 78.0 gr, but this is a compressed load. I too am in a search for some long range 300 win mag rounds, but am starting with 190 sierra's and IMR-7828.

Good luck and keep us updated on what you find.


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Re: Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

Post by ninthinning » 30 Jan 2010, 19:06

I worked up this load for varmints. The round is accurate and the kick is surprisingly light compared to the 220 grain.

300 Win Mag
110 gr Hornady #3013 boolits
66 grains IMR 4895 rifle powder
3513 fps av
BC 0.150
3.215 OAL
Large Rifle Primers

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Re: Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

Post by VITALIY » 30 Jan 2010, 21:21

Here is what QUICK LOAD says:
sierra 220gr .308 hp match king
powder H. Retumbo- 75gr/8%compressed/100%burn/ 53000PSI(62000psi max for this cartrige)
COAL= 3.340
BBL= 24.0"
Vel culculated= 2728fps.

Max load= 78.0gr/ 61500psi
vel= 2850fps.

this seam to be the better choice of mostl Hodgdon and Ramshot powders
I have no expirience with this caliber, just relating the data. I can check other powders of chice, if you need.

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Re: Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

Post by fatherfoof » 31 Jan 2010, 02:23

Hey, good to see you Mickey- thought maybe you swam with the docs to Hispanola. If you can hit anything at 1500, well my hat's off to you. You're outa my league. One thought did enter my mind, though: about a decade(more like 2) back Remington made the Accelerator in most calibers. It was essentially a 55 gr 224 in a sabot. I found them extremely accurate at distance in 7 Mag, 30-06, and 30-30. The trick was velocity which was insanely off the charts. If they made it in 300, dunno. I daresay if they did, it would be fun to play with.
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Re: Good 300 win mag Sierra matchking 220 load

Post by airhead1340 » 31 Jan 2010, 09:35

For small aircraft and automobiles: hornady handbook fouth edition vol one. Page 369.Hornady bullet #3090 RN (I will list max load) IMR 4064 2400FPS 53.2GR - IMR 4350 2500FPS 60.2GR - IMR4831 2500FPS 63.5GR - H4350 2500FPS 63.7GR - RL22 2500FPS 65.9GR - H4831 2400FPS 63.5GR - IMR 7828 2500FPS 69.5GR . I use hodgen H870 in my 300wm, it is no longer offered so when my stash is gone? I run the 190's they work well out at 800-900 meeters or so. Have you considered the lupa338 Mag? (forgive my spelling). In this cartridge the fuller the case the better.Have fun and pay attention to what you are doing.

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