converting birdshot with 00 buck

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converting birdshot with 00 buck

Post by stg2ahn » 19 Jun 2009, 12:57 ... stid=64438" onclick=";return false;

Since buck shot hovers around a dollar a round, I was trying to find a cheaper alternative.

Can you buy lead buck shot and wads to just insert them into a 12ga shell? I was planning on buying the bulk 12 ga #8 birdshot 1oz and just emptying the shot and reinserting it with 00 buck and wad..

Would the performance be significantly worse than factory 00 buckshot? Is this even a good idea? It it much more cost effective, right?

I have seen the 100rd 12ga #8 skeet shot at wallyworld for $22 vs. 20 bucks for 15rds of 00 buck.

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Re: converting birdshot with 00 buck

Post by jmz5 » 19 Jun 2009, 13:42

Just get a shotgun reloading press and it will be cheaper yet. :D

I doubt the powder charges are the same.

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Re: converting birdshot with 00 buck

Post by flyingirish04 » 20 Jun 2009, 10:44

nope, they aren't.
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Re: converting birdshot with 00 buck

Post by Llagoud » 20 Jun 2009, 11:25

Dang. I was going to stuff a few shells with rosary beads.

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Re: converting birdshot with 00 buck

Post by Grantness » 20 Jun 2009, 16:55

yea, dont do that. Never assume that the charge is the same. Get a shotgun reloading press, and you can produce all kinds of different shells for cheap. Get a shotgun reloading manual as well so you can find loads for just about any application you choose. As with metalic cartridge reloading, shotshell reloading allows you to create rounds with greater quality than any factory round for a fraction of the cost. You can get set up with something like the Lee press ( ... 40#enlarge" onclick=";return false; ) for as little as $41.40! Thats basically the cost of 3 or 4 boxes of buckshot or slugs. If you shoot alot, it will pay for itself in no time.

FWIW, many of the same powders that you use for shotguns can also be used for 5.7x28.

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