Reloading for .40 S&W

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Reloading for .40 S&W

Post by VeTTeMaNC486 » 23 Feb 2012, 11:13

I have reloaded a good 200-250 rounds for my girlfriend to shoot in her m&p 40... before making sure they play well it....
Anyways, I do not have the exact load of the top of my head but it is mixed cases, cci small pistol primers, 180gr Zero FMJs, HS6 powder. Two problems with this. It seems the M&P does not like the CCI primers. Several FTFs with them. Maybe one per magazine of 10 or so. And when they do work, her arms get covered in unburnt powder. I have read that HS6 is a wonder 40 powder, then why am I getting unburnt powder with it? The load is in the medium range power wise do it is not a case of bare bottom loads not having the pressure needed. I bought some win primers to use, but what powder should I use? I have Blue Dot and AA#7 as far as medium-slow burn rate goes as an alternative to HS6.


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Re: Reloading for .40 S&W

Post by Thedirtyheat » 24 Feb 2012, 16:17

It sounds like since you are having primer problems you probably aren't getting very good powder ignition when your primers do go. Was there maybe some type of moisture still in the casings when you loaded then up or something?

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Re: Reloading for .40 S&W

Post by SpaceCoyote » 31 Mar 2012, 13:42

I have a case of cci pistol primers that I've deemed 'not fit for use' for ftf in several guns.

I don't see any sort of lot number or I would share and compare.

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Re: Reloading for .40 S&W

Post by Tackelbarry » 06 Jan 2013, 18:18

I would have to agree with the posts above. Also, maybe go and buy a couple of boxes of different factory ammunition to see if you are just getting light firing pin strikes for some reason. Just a thought.
As far as reloading .40 S&W, I have always used and had good luck with Winchester primers and AA#5 or AA#7. If you decide to switch I can look up my load data to give you some starting points. Hope this helps.

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