good starting load for 32gn Lehigh Defense CC

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good starting load for 32gn Lehigh Defense CC

Post by rustypipes12 » 23 Mar 2021, 17:18

I started loading the Controlled Chaos 32gn. bullets last week to see how they match up against the Speer 33gn. hornets, and the 34gn. Dogtown Varmit rounds that Midwest GW was selling.
Powder and primers are at a premium right now so I've been carefully trying different combos.
I've found that 6.5gn of Shooters World Major Pistol and CCI sr primers loaded @ a COL of 1.5" gave velocities of 1680fps. avg. with the 32gn. bullet and very little recoil yet function just fine in both pistols (FN & Ruger).
I know that this bullet load could be upped to get the most out of it but with supplies so rare I'd rather keep things on the low side to extend brass life.
I got an email from a supplier the other day that they had a 5k lot of small rifle primers in stock from a brand I've never tried. I went to the site and they were asking $1749 for 5000 primers plus hazmat and shipping!

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Re: good starting load for 32gn Lehigh Defense CC

Post by CentraPAHunter » 01 Oct 2021, 15:02

Any updates?

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