WTS: 5.7x28FN package

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WTS: 5.7x28FN package

Post by FNFbobcat » 18 May 2021, 13:27

850+ once fired brass (washed and de-primed, but NOT TUMBLED (polymer coating intact).

500 Midway Dogtown 34gr bullets. Hornady .224 bullet comparator insert.

$115 for all, shipped CONUS. MO or personal check (5bd delay).

Tired of waiting for dies.

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Re: WTS: 5.7x28FN package

Post by FNFbobcat » 23 May 2021, 05:40


I was astonished that I had ZERO response on these from this site, when I was essentially giving away 875pcs of properly cleaned and prepped brass for free when considering the price of the "out of stock/no back order" bullets.

This speaks to two issues. First, the REAL economy sucks and nobody is spending money even if they have any unless stuff is 10c/$. and secondly the fact that the 5.7 is a P.I.T.A. to reload, virtually requiring trimming after every cycle do to the critical case length and brass movement. I gave up after waiting a year for dies that never came.

So to any of you who are new to the 57 and think you're going to load thousands of rounds for "plinking", think again.

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Re: WTS: 5.7x28FN package

Post by panzermk2 » 24 May 2021, 10:32

Well in part many times in the past folks have been burned with, the brass was cleaned right. Only to recieve junk.
This is NOT an indictment of you, just folks are leary .

You only need to trim after firing 3x.

You also struct upon the biggest issue. Dies, not only can you not get them, the makers can themselves can't get enough tool grade steel due to cov bullshit.
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