WTS Black SCAR 17s for $2650 shipped and FDE SCAR 16S $2350

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WTS Black SCAR 17s for $2650 shipped and FDE SCAR 16S $2350

Post by sabotteur » 28 Aug 2012, 06:33

I have both of these sitting up at my distributor right now, but I lack the cash flow to take them as we get closer and closer to moving into our store front in the upcoming months.

So, I'm offering them up here for not much above cost as I don't want to lose all my backorders which will happen if I pass on these.

Price is $2650 shipped for the Black SCAR 17s, and $2350 shipped for the SCAR 16s. Price is check only. Add $50 to the price of each if you want to pay with a CC. Figure there will be about a 3 day delay from the time I receive payment prior to me shipping these out. I'll include one of my last FN hats with either of these if bought from someone on the boards here.


Also, have mags available for the SCAR 17, which will be $35 each if included with the rifle.

fzr confused
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Re: WTS Black SCAR 17s for $2650 shipped and FDE SCAR 16S $2

Post by fzr confused » 28 Aug 2012, 14:15

dang thats a good price! wish i had the funds but closing on my house next month :(

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Re: WTS Black SCAR 17s for $2650 shipped and FDE SCAR 16S $2

Post by Virginian » 28 Aug 2012, 16:43

In a week I will be ordering a FDE 17s. Soon... Funds being the issue here as well.


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