Robinson Arms XCR

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Robinson Arms XCR

Post by haligan101 » 31 Oct 2011, 20:11

Just curious to see if any one else owns one. I love mine, had one or two ftf during first hundred rounds. Since then Ive put well over 3,000 rounds through it with no problems. I actually havent shot my Colt AR since I broke in the XCR. I do wish it came with a better stock but I have heard they are working on it.

Any one else have one out there :D

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Re: Robinson Arms XCR

Post by SeaHawkDriver-B » 07 Dec 2011, 15:02

I wish someone would post some information up on this rifle.... there doesn't seem to be much hype about it, and from what I can tell, its the ONLY rifle on the market that is piston-powered, NOT an AR, and offers chamberings in just about everything you could ever want... and it does it at a much lower cost than the ACR or SCAR.

I'm thinking about getting one of these just to shoot the 6.8 with.

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