Fobus Ankle Holsters

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Fobus Ankle Holsters

Post by ChuckD » 20 Oct 2008, 09:48

Anyone had any dealings with the Fobus Ankle Holster? I was thinking about purchasing one for my little snubby for when I'm on the job and such times.
Was just wondering if anybody's had any luck with em
Thanks, Chuck

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Re: Fobus Ankle Holsters

Post by Llagoud » 20 Oct 2008, 12:37

I tried one for the PPK and did not like it. I'm keeping it, JIC but retrieval was awkward for me and it wouldn't stay snug. I only gave it a couple days and packed it away.
Going into it I should have known better, I've never liked things on my wrists or ankles, no watch, no buttoned long sleeves when I can avoid it......
It may be different for you, but it was not comfortable for me, carrying or retrieving.

Now, I've eyeballed the one for the LCP.....being so much lighter it might make a difference.

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Re: Fobus Ankle Holsters

Post by jmz5 » 20 Oct 2008, 13:32

Best thing I have found so far for my LCP is the galco stow n go. I really like the little LCP, I am going to pick up a spare soon.

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Re: Fobus Ankle Holsters

Post by ArtosDracon » 20 Oct 2008, 22:23

Not a fobus but, almost identical holster for my 232 carried much the same complaints as Llagould. That class of gun is just a little too large for an ankle holster I think. I have an ankle hoster for my old .357 snub that is ok at best, I'm just not that large a fan of the gun in the first place so the holster being ok means it doesn't get worn either. I generally just keep a 4" fixed blade in my boot when off duty, as they're slip on a loose. On duty I'll wear it over the boot. Off duty I usually carry my primary on my right hip, IWB, and my 232 SOB. On duty I wear my primary right drop thigh and my secondary left underarm or my primary left underarm and my secondary right underarm, depending on attire. I could never get used to drawing from my ankle and I tried for more than six months between my 232 and my .357.

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