CZ 75B Kadet Conversion Kit

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CZ 75B Kadet Conversion Kit

Post by 57js » 04 Feb 2012, 15:30

I followed Blue's advice when I was looking for a .22LR semi, and got the Kadet Conversion Kit for my 75B. I took it to the range yesterday where some friends and I tried it out (among other guns). The CCI Blazer ammo that my S&W Model 63 didn't like works great in the Kadet. No problems at all though I guess I have to adjust the sights a bit since I wasn't as accurate as I should be.

Other people tried the Kadet, and also liked it. I was glad I brought it as there was someone in our group who never shot before, and a 75B with the .22LR conversion kit was a great gun to shoot for a first time out. No recoil at all. I just wish the magazines held more than 10 rounds. Racking the slide isn't as easy as the 9mm, but I think I just have to get used to it. Cleans up pretty quick as well. Overall, it was a good purchase.

The 9mm slide is back on, but when I want some cheap target practice, I know where to go for the future.

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