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Post by Fxds » 08 Nov 2008, 10:56

Everyone has opinions and pro's& cons .. but here is the low down. I have a bunch of Mecgar Beretta 92FS M9 Storm, 18 Round, Phosphate mags and no Beretta anymore. I really am only concerned on getting one that will take the mags I have. So with that being said... the label on these mags say what they can be used for.. but I kinda like the new 90-two but will the mags I have work. 90-two mag sales descrip says "Now you can get high capacity magazines for your Model 90-TWO! Applicability: All Model 92/96 pistols, except Type-M and old Model 92 and 92S using a single stack magazine. Magazine Capacity: 9mm – 17" but its $14 more than the mags specific to the 92fs "Applicability: 92SB-92F-92FS / Cx4 Storm - 9mm". Also anyone have any info/ preference from a 92 / 90-two / Cx4 Storm. They all seem to be around the same price.

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Re: Berettas

Post by stg2ahn » 08 Nov 2008, 19:54

I tried some sig p226 mags with that phosphate finish. They were great, and much better than the old factory mags.

Mecgar is a reputable company that makes many oem mags.

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