FNX 9 trigger reset problem

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FNX 9 trigger reset problem

Post by wellcraft » 10 Jan 2016, 11:52

I purchased a FNX 9 a couple of weeks ago and took it out to the range yesterday. The pistol cycled fine, pretty decent accuarcy but on several occasions the trigger failed to reset. Here's a discription of the problem: Fire a round, slide cycles, hammer locks back, pull the trigger and nothing happens, release trigger and pull again and gun fires. Is this a known issue with the FNX 9 or has anyone else experienced this problem? The FNX is just a range gun but I still want it to function correctly. Thanks

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Re: FNX 9 trigger reset problem

Post by Buffman » 10 Jan 2016, 21:26

I've read issues like that before with the FNP series, not sure about the FNX, but they use a similar FCG assembly. Call FN

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