FN SC-1 Over/Under Shotgun

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FN SC-1 Over/Under Shotgun

Post by SoCal Gunner » 22 Feb 2011, 18:57

The new FN SC-1 over/under shotgun adds classic Belgian-made quality and racy good looks to your shooting kit.
FN SC-1 Over/Under Shotgun
http://www.fnhusa.com/le/products/firea ... id=FNM0201

Not much else I can find about it - and the truth is, I'm not sure it matters with all the traffic the FN Shotgun Subforum gets!

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Re: FN SC-1 Over/Under Shotgun

Post by ynoty3k » 22 Feb 2011, 19:06

yea, Foo showed me that when it was first announced, turns out to be a Winchester rebrand or some such, and is most likely gonna be nearly what, 2k? A Citori is worth more than that, and costs less.

Still, I'd be interested ~ 1100.

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Re: FN SC-1 Over/Under Shotgun

Post by blueorison » 22 Feb 2011, 19:16

I shoot FN SLP's and I love them.
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Re: FN SC-1 Over/Under Shotgun

Post by fooschnickens » 22 Feb 2011, 21:14

Yeah it's a hopped-up Model 101:

http://www.winchesterguns.com/products/ ... mid=513059" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

And those retail between $1400 and $2300 depending on the submodel.
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