Shooting Muslim Terrorists at Garland

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Re: Shooting Muslim Terrorists at Garland

Post by bobbatchelor » 05 May 2015, 16:07

At the end of the movie "The Kingdom" both sides say the same lines. "you have to kill them all". Now I would rather not be killed if you know what I mean. Christians are not the problem, can we agree on that?

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Re: Shooting Muslim Terrorists at Garland

Post by Hobknob » 05 May 2015, 16:44

Bazzer69 wrote:
blueorison wrote:I also know a Medieval Religion called Catholicism.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

I never once flamed you, you are being overly sensitive. I was actually being very supportive. You also put words in my mouth.
Actually i'm an Atheist , Maybe I am being oversensitive, but this is a very sensitive subject, so how about we agree to disagree and be friends?

Awwwwwww.......first I think all of you guys should sit down and sing an emotional rendition of Cumbaya :D (if that fails, you could go with "Why Can't We Be Friends")

Back on topic:

It must have been a .45 right? I mean, what other caliber could possibly be a one shot stop?? :)
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