Shooting pellets

Reloading info for the 5.7x28mm

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Re: Shooting pellets

Post by user426 » 31 Mar 2010, 14:35

VITALIY wrote:
user426 wrote:
VITALIY wrote:[quote="user426] Is this a reality.....I'd like to start shooting pellets.....and no about using spellcheck..... :D
Paff, paff, exhale,coff, coff ..... Dude, that's how it comes out after i use the spell check :lmao:
I guess....not the English version.....LOL[/quote][/quote][/quote]
To user426 only:
Is there something offencive or extreamly hard to understand in my posting? I speek inglish very well, tho i have some glitches to work on in my spelling, i do admit it. I could take a joke, and respond to with a joke, as it wos the case in first comment, but second comment, i certanly do not apriciate.[/quote][/quote][/quote][/quote]

Don't get bent out of was all a joke.....

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Re: Shooting pellets

Post by ynoty3k » 31 Mar 2010, 14:52

user426 wrote:
VITALIY wrote:I'll go ahead and let you guys in on a little big secret project we have going in EA :cool:
For lust 2 mo. Jay and i have being working on a conversion for a FSN and PS90, that will allow to shoot a .22 cal pellets, BB's, darts, or sabots, in your bacement or back yard, without desterbing your neighbors.
Well, we've got it :guns: We'll be picking up prototypes tomorrow, so we could put them through the test on sunday.
That is all, at this time, sorry no picktures yet, but we'll have them made wile testing, along with video and chrono results.
Is this a reality.....I'd like to start shooting pellets.....and no about using spellcheck..... :D
How about using some spell check your self User426, and offence is breaking the law, and primarily only used in British English. Saying to some one no offense is spelled with an S.

Vitality, Don't let a pot call the kettle black....


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Re: Shooting pellets

Post by PainKillaX » 31 Mar 2010, 15:34

VITALIY, it's all good. It's part of the mojo. Besides, it's best not to bite the hand that helps with S5's...

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Re: Shooting pellets

Post by VITALIY » 31 Mar 2010, 16:26

It's ok, i'm over it. I'm to lazy to hold the gradge that long :D

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