Powders, too fast, just right and too slow

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Powders, too fast, just right and too slow

Post by 748 » 12 Nov 2021, 23:15

I think everyone would agree unique is too fast.
So anything like nitro100nf, universal, HP38, W231, CBI, just too fast.

I used AA7, AA9, HS6, W540. I think lilgun, enforcer, 3n37, 3n38, powerpistol are also in that burn range, but I haven't used them. Bluedot seems like it would work but acts weird at rifle pressures. Maybe N105, maybe 2400, maybe herco too?

I never really exploded what was too slow. W748 way too slow. I'm pretty sure H322 is way too slow, probably RE7 too.
I think I read that H110 and N110 were too slow or just not appropriate in pistol length barrels I was only loading for hand gun back then, but not 100% sure.

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