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Primer pockets

Posted: 14 Jan 2020, 18:43
by roadhawg01
Just started reloading for the 5.7 (safe Queen for about 15 yrs. did some test loads using 40gr V-Max and 6.5gr of Hs-7 did pretty good but im going with Ramshot TRUE BLUE after I read the Hs-7 is like GOLD..
#1 Going thru some brass to reload that is suppose to be ONCE fired and I noticed that the case's have no crimped primer pockets. Did FN do away with crimped primer pockets?. If they did about what year stamping.
#2 Also some have a green sealer on primers that are pressure flattened, which I'm thinking have been already reloaded.

Re: Primer pockets

Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 22:22
by grimmond
On AE brass the primers are not crimped in. I have seen some SS197/SS195 both with a crimp and without. Where as the ss198 primers are crimped and also have the green primer sealant on them. The primer sealant is only on the mil/police rounds.