Anyone running cci450 primers ?

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Anyone running cci450 primers ?

Post by varmitsnightmare » 13 Sep 2014, 20:30

I ran out of cci br4( all the gun shop had at the time) and have nothing but 450 magnums. I know I have to restart my data but would like a ball park figure on the difference with 35 and 40 grain bullets and hs6 powder? Or is it just a no-no and wait till I can get restocked with 400's or more of the pricey br4's? My data with the br4 primers matched most others data with 400 primers but the 450 will be hotter I would assume than both the br4 and 400.

100fps or 200fps on average????? or like adding a tenth of grain of powder, 20 or 50 fps average??

thanks in advance........

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Re: Anyone running cci450 primers ?

Post by panzermk2 » 13 Sep 2014, 20:59

More of a pressure issue. You won't see an increase in fps because the shoulder will move more negating an increase in fps.
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Re: Anyone running cci450 primers ?

Post by grimmond » 14 Sep 2014, 10:05

+1 to what jay said.

I have run side by side comparisons with various primers including those and when looking at the data I have comparing the BR4 to the 450's I had an increase in extreme spread, slight reduction in velocity, and an increase in shoulder movement. They work ok for low velocity or standard loads, but for hotter loads I would advise against using them.
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Re: Anyone running cci450 primers ?

Post by zer0t » 30 Nov 2014, 09:23

What about small pistol primers instead of the small rifle magnum primers?

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