Need help 30gn Varmint Grenade

Reloading info for the 5.7x28mm

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Need help 30gn Varmint Grenade

Post by Gunpoor » 05 Aug 2020, 08:46

Hi all new to loading 5.7. There is no True Blue anywhere near me, but its on my list for the next Midwzy order. Curremtly my choices are Longshot or AA5. Doing a forum search I found a compiled list of AA5 loadings. One was for a 30gn round (dont recall which) with a starting point of 6.1gns of #5 with a COAL of 1.580. That COAL aint gonna fly with the 30gn VG due to bullet shape/design.
Does anyone have any recommendations on this round??? Important point: this is for a Ruger 57. As I said... New to this cartridge amd understand the risks involved. Everyrhing is triple checked start to finish in the load process. Im very hesitant to go "off the res" at this point!! Thanks to all who post here, I picked up a wealth of info from u guys/gals! I would never have attempted workimg with this cartidge were it not for the info on this form!!!!!

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Re: Need help 30gn Varmint Grenade

Post by grimmond » 11 Sep 2020, 09:12

My coal was 1.554" and started at 6gr of AA#5. I tested it along side of True Blue and Longshot and found I got smaller sd and higher velocities with TB and LS. I was never really fond of AA#5 and only use it now when testing a new bullet. Using Longshot start at 5.8gr and work up.
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