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Tyler chesnut
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Online Ammunition

Post by Tyler chesnut » 20 Feb 2022, 15:24

Despite the ammo shortage got a couple of [removed link]outdoorammory from this company they were actually factory made but they couldn't hit the target from the longer range . Any one ever encountered such?

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Re: Online Ammunition

Post by Rapier1772 » 20 Feb 2022, 15:48

Outdoor Ammory is a scam!
Personally, a red flag for me would be the 'ammory' part of the name. There may be a reason for misspelling armory, like maybe the name was already taken, but still a flag. Then there's the online reviews, apparently they won't talk to you except to secure payment which must be in cash (or cashap) despite having credit card icons. They won't even respond to the Better Business Bureau.

You're one of the lucky ones if you got ammo from them. Look them up online, lots more red flags & nothing redeeming about them. Use the ammo as target ammo or pull it down & fix it.

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Another forum with more info: ... om.384343/
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Re: Online Ammunition

Post by Buffman » 20 Feb 2022, 20:10

Likely he's a troll :D

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Re: Online Ammunition

Post by bobeano » 20 May 2023, 04:45

Another scam site is aka Royal Gun shop

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Re: Online Ammunition

Post by panzermk2 » 22 May 2023, 08:26

If prices are to good to be true
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