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AR57 6" Barrel OAL question????

Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 22:42
by Firemann20
Hello Guys, Noobe here... I have a question on the OAL length of the AR57 6" SBR. I live in the Communist state of MD and new laws require any of my new SBR's to have a OAL of >29/ 29" or greater. I'm looking to SBR one of my AR receivers and was looking to purchase the AR57 6" PDW version but in order to do that I'm going to have the 6" barrel permanently attached to the upper so I can count the hand guard as part of the OAL. I was wondering if one of you fine Gentlemen/Ladies would be so kind as to give me a length of measure on your AR57 from the end of the extended buttstock to the furthest most tip of the hand guard.... I'm currently using a Magpul MOE stock now on the rifle I will be SBRing if this helps.... but will take whatever info you can give. Thanks a bunch!!!!