Liberty Suppressors and their great service

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Burt Gummer
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Liberty Suppressors and their great service

Post by Burt Gummer » 09 Jul 2013, 21:34

Just wanted to say I have been nothing but happy with Liberty and their suppressors. The service and support they've given me is second to none.

I had a threading problem on one of my adaptor/pistons for a pistol that caused a couple of irritating issues. Sent back the suppressor to Liberty for service under warranty and got more back than I expected. They worked out my minor issues, completely replaced the core, and even repainted the tube all for free. The owner even including a ten dollar bill in with the suppressor to cover my shipping!

I've had a service company myself for over 20 years and it made me re-evaluate my service level (haha). Just A++.

If you are in the market for your first suppressor I highly recommend the Mystic. So many calibers, ONE suppressor. Works great on .22lr, 9mm, carbine, etc, and it is a rock solid piece backed by a fantastic company obviously.
Just typing this because it is rare to see a company that really bends over backwards to make things right nowadays.

Liberty gets my vote for the best suppressor manufacturer to deal with bar none." onclick=";return false;

I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape or form. Just wanted to post this on the two firearm forums I frequent so any of folks looking for a great choice can get a heads up.

Mystic works on all these calibers (including working much better on the 5.7 pistol than the Sparrow, which really doesn't take much of the bark away):

22 Hornet
22 K Hornet
218 Bee
223 REM - 16" BBL
30 PPC - Subsonic
30 Carbine
357 MAG
221 Fireball
32 S&W Long
32 H&R Magnum
9X19 (Base Caliber)
38 Super
38 Special
38 S&W
357 Max - Subsonic
338 Spectre
300 BLK
300 Whisper
308 Win- Subsonic
all rimfire cartridges
5.45x39MM Russian
We now rate it for the 300 BLK in
both supersonic and subsonic on
an 8" barrel
7.62 X 39 MM

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Re: Liberty Suppressors and their great service

Post by jmz5 » 15 Jul 2013, 03:17

Nice, Liberty mystic is going to be one of my next cans.

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Re: Liberty Suppressors and their great service

Post by srt-4_jon » 15 Jul 2013, 03:59

I love me some liberty. I have a kodiak, mystic, infiniti, torch, and freedom from them. I had a small baffle strike in the middle of my infiniti core they had never seen before. I talked with them, sent it in, and they replaced the whole thing and upgraded me to the newest baffle system.

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