Tnx to Fivesevenforum

Forum for discussing NFA firearms and accessories such as suppressors, SBR and full-auto goodies.
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Tnx to Fivesevenforum

Post by Firebat5 » 13 Jul 2011, 17:28

Just wanted to say thanks to all the members of this site.

A special thanks to the people who created the Form 1, and barrel removal/installation guides.

Without this site, I'd still have the standard PS90--not that there's anything wrong with it. But I do so like the shorter version. My wife held it after the conversion and said, "Awe, its a little baby."

So it is, so it is.

Thanks Fivesevenforum!

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Re: Tnx to Fivesevenforum

Post by jgreenberg01 » 13 Jul 2011, 17:38

Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your new addition. That's one cute lil devil!

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Re: Tnx to Fivesevenforum

Post by Grantness » 13 Jul 2011, 18:13

Welcome! :thumb: ...and that's just the tip of the iceberg :D

:ponder: What is it with women calling guns 'cute' and such? lol

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Re: Tnx to Fivesevenforum

Post by Cyberfly » 13 Jul 2011, 22:17


Makes me want another.
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