M1A rear sight question

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M1A rear sight question

Post by 2ndGenGuy » 23 Jun 2021, 03:52

On my M1A, I have to have the rear sight adjusted 2 clicks to the left (the center line in the sight is about 1.5 notches left of the center notch on the reciever) in order to hit center of target at 200yds. This is under calm (no wind) conditions.

My questions are:

1. Is this normal, or is there a problem that needs to be addressed?

2. Is there a way to center the line without moving the sight adjustment? On the elevation adjustment, you can loosen a screw, and move the knob without moving the sight adjustment. That way you can get dialed in at 200yds, then adjust the knob so that the 200 mark lines up properly when you are sighted in. Can the same be done for the windage adjustment? Is this normal?


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Re: M1A rear sight question

Post by panzermk2 » 23 Jun 2021, 11:24

M1A carbine?
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