Can this PS90 mag be saved?

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Can this PS90 mag be saved?

Post by papasierra90 » 29 Nov 2020, 14:01

I recently purchased a PS90 on GunBroker. It was supposedly new in box. Rifle shoots great but the included 30rd mag is not working properly. I first suspected something was wrong when the first couple of rounds dropped right in to the mag without any resistance. Subsequent rounds pushed in as expected. Never having shot a PS90 before, I thought maybe that’s how it worked.

At the range, everything worked fine except for the last couple of rounds. Wouldn’t feed correctly. In taking apart the magazine, I found that I had to poke the follower down in order to allow it to come free. I couldn’t just pull it out via the spring. Also, it does not look like the follower is pushing the rollers into place, which would explain why the first couple of rounds just dropped in with no resistance.

Does this ring a bell, and is there something I can do to allow this mag to work? I’ve ordered a 50rd mag but it won’t be in for another week or two. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Can this PS90 mag be saved?

Post by panzermk2 » 30 Nov 2020, 08:32

Sounds like crap after market magazine.
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