Boneheads - Atlanta area

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Re: Boneheads - Atlanta area

Post by grew » 05 Apr 2011, 11:30

Massachusetts -" onclick=";return false; American Firearms School

Only indoor range that I know of that allows Five Seven, but then again you can shoot anything at this range.

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Re: Boneheads - Atlanta area

Post by Rapier1772 » 05 Apr 2011, 13:39

Oh come on guys... :wall: :wall:

This thread is for boneheads in Atlanta, not FsN friendly ranges. There is a specific thread for that already. At least you posted the range there too grew. Now if anyone has another post about a misinformed range or just a bonehead in general in the Atlanta area then have at it.

Bonehead in general - I used to drive a semi-truck and while stopped on an exit ramp just west of the Atlanta loop, I was hit by another truck. Not very hard, just hard enough to let you know he was there basically. Its just that - he hit a semi? His excuse, "I thought you had started moving."
See? Bonehead in Atlanta & I don't even live there. Its not that hard :p
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