Review of True Hunter Supply 5.7 MKII holster

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Review of True Hunter Supply 5.7 MKII holster

Post by PursuitSS » 03 Oct 2015, 15:27

When I first started carrying a pistol was when I became a Sheriffs Deputy in 1979, back then you could have any material for a holster you wanted as long as it was leather. Times have changed (for the better) the law back then was I couldn't carry a weapon outside my jurisdiction. Now I can carry anywhere in the U.S. Holsters have also changed, they are now available is several materials, molded plastic, leather (more varieties than I can list), Cordura Nylon, Kydex, and others. I've carried a weapon in pretty much very material available.

BUT, it seems like many holster manufacturers have chosen to completely ignore the FN 5.7 MKII pistol. This has been a major annoyance for me. In addition I'm a firm believer that because of the somewhat unique design of the FN 5.7 that leather should never be used for a 5.7 holster. Leather can over time change shape and could deactivate the safety of the 5.7 when drawing the weapon.

Basically in my opinion the only suitable materials for the 5.7 are either molded plastic or Kydex. The holster I used on duty to carry my 5.7 USG on duty and off Duty (in the Winter) was the Blackhawk Serpa. Well I sold my 5.7 USG and purchased a 5.7 MKII, then I found out that Blackhawk was NOT going to support it. After numerous hours of searching I found a IWB holster by Bravo Concealment, while I was happy to find their Kydex holster, I was never completely satisfied with it, but as it was the first Kydex holster I've owned and I thought it was as good as it gets. It didn't seem to be fully formed to fit the pistol properly.

Fast forward to now, I've been using a new inside the waistband (IWB) Kydex holster by True Hunter Supply. Upon receipt of the holster I noticed that it was clearly molded to the shape of my 5.7 MKII. After using it as a concealed carry holster, it's VERY comfortable and in addition, when drawing the pistol it draws smoothly without needing to be an Olympic weight lifter to pull it out, yet the retention is solid and I have no concern as to it staying holstered. I attribute this to proper molding of the Kydex.

Let me sum this up, this holster was designed by people who fully understand the 5.7 pistol, they didn't just purchase a "mold gun" and heat a sheet of Kydex and wrap it around it. They created properly designed channels in the holster that are necessary for the safety, takedown release, and the slide release.

In addition, the edges of the Kydex have a nice smooth radius.

My only complaint....

They now need to produce a Kydex duty holster for L.E. who carry the 5.7 MKII on duty.

I can HIGHLY recommend this holster.



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Re: Review of True Hunter Supply 5.7 MKII holster

Post by dirtdiver » 21 Oct 2015, 00:10

Thanks for the review and pictures. It's nice to see the MKII getting some love.

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Re: Review of True Hunter Supply 5.7 MKII holster

Post by Biomedtechguy » 01 May 2018, 20:03

I was looking for a IWB holster today for my 5.7 and just ordered the one you have. I hope I like mine as much as you do yours. I will follow up with my impressions. Thanks!

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