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Re: Alien Gear Holster - MkII & USG!

Post by kensteele » 13 Dec 2015, 15:13

so i've been wearing alien gear holsters from the original to the now the 2.0 which i've had for just over a year and it appears to be doing ok with my mkii. it has a lifetime warranty so if it starts cracking or bending abnormally, i may look at the 3.0 unless you can tell me the difference is worth it? i wish they sold just the body because i have a bunch of shells and the owb solution....anyway, so you holster your fn57 with the safety engaged? just before i holster my weapon, i disengage the safety and only re-engage it at the end of the day when i remove my handgun and place it on the tabletop. i haven't had any issues, is this potentially problematic? btw, have only been fn ccw for about a year coming off a p227 and g23.

eta: looks like they do sell the alien gear base only. sweet!

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