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DEFENSOR GUNLEATHER - Testimonials From Some Of You & Others

Posted: 02 Jun 2013, 10:50
by 2ndAMVa
WOW is all I can say! …Must say though, it was one of the most comfortable holsters that I have ever had! I practiced at a range a couple of time with it and had no problems at all! Really outstanding job! …Thank you so much! OUTSTANDING Product!
(Customer from Washington who ordered an elephant skin holster and a sharkskin holster for the FN 5.7 and 1911, with matching magazine carriers)

“The first batch with the Elephant, cowhide, and shark arrived -- Absolutely stunning!...These holsters are absolutely stunning, I couldn't be happier! Let me know when you plan on another run, as I would like some more made.”

(Customer from Maryland who ordered four holsters – cowhide, elephant, shark and ostrich-leg skin, plus four matching magazine carriers, for two FN 5.7 and two HK P7 M8))

I love the holster... We spent the weekend in… (a Texas city) ..and I wore it basically 3 days straight including all day at six flags amusement park. It was very comfortable and holds it close to my side so there was very little imprinting.
(Customer from Texas who ordered a horsehide holster for his off-duty FN 5.7 pistol)

I received my holsters today and I wanted to say thank you! They look amazing and I can't wait to show my buddies what they are missing out on. Also, can I order the clips from you so I can test the tuckable option for carry?
(Customer from Washington who ordered an elephant skin holster and matching elephant skin magazine carrier for his FN 5.7, and a stingray holster for a Ruger LCR)

My Defensor Holster is made of black ostrich-leg skin for a Glock 19. I will list the many unique features I have come to appreciate during my year of use
- It fits like no other.
- It is exactly the right height, width and thickness to blend against my waist and hip.
- It falls perfectly under my hand, yet doesn't hang low enough to be exposed below a jacket or vest.
- It just disappears against my body.
- The materials and construction are rugged and very well done. It is rigid, as tough as kydex but flexible and skin friendly.
- It holds its shape, yet is thin and resilient.
- It holds the gun, even when shaken upside down, yet the gun comes out effortlessly when I draw.
- It shows no wear whatsoever.
Who could ask for more?

(Larry, Northern Virginia Executive)

As a petite woman I have found it very difficult to find a holster that is both comfortable and concealable. With previous holsters I often felt like an old west cowboy having to swing my strong arm wide away from my body to avoid hitting my side arm. I love my alligator skin Defensor Holster because if fits well against the contour of my body and allows me to carry my .22 Beretta Bobcat effortlessly.
(Lynda, Northern Virginia Business Development Manager)

I’ve owned firearms practically my entire life. I consider myself both an active outdoorsman and a businessman, so I was looking for something light, durable, snug, elegant and comfortable. Dennis took the time to jot down my requirements and helped me narrow my search down to a holster made out of ostrich skin. Since receiving my first custom holster from Defensor Gun Leather, I have been ecstatic and looking forward to placing more orders.
( L.C. Yi, CEO of Accelera Solutions for his Sig 1911. This customer told me to use his real name because he really likes his holster).

I got the holster, looks great!
(Customer from Washington who ordered a horsehide holster and horsehide magazine carrier for the FN 5.7)

I got the holsters. Very nice. Thanks
(Customer from Florida who ordered two horsehide holsters for two different guns)

The holster is great and fits perfect! Thanks for the great quality and workmanship.
(Customer from Tennessee who ordered a cowhide holster for the FN 5.7)

The holster looks awesome! I love it. Can't wait till Illinois gets its concealed carry laws straightened out. I can carry in 39-40 states except the one I live in!
(Customer from Illinois who ordered a sharkskin holster for the FN 5.7)

I am very pleased with the holster and posted a few pictures on … forum web site. ..I am surprised how comfortable the holster fits against me and how well the (gun) fits snug (yet easily removed) from the holster.,,Again, thank you so much for getting the holster to the house.
(Customer from Texas who ordered a cowhide holster for the FN 5.7)