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Re: Fighting with Paypal

Posted: 29 Oct 2009, 11:21
by Hobknob
Well, it looks like Gunpal went full public last night at midnight :clap: :clap: :thumb: :D and I signed up this morning without a single hitch and with no additional requirements.

Their fees aren't too bad either (compared to Paypal ect)

GUNPAL Fees to Recieve money
Sellers pay a small transaction fee as below:
Fees for payments received vary based on the transaction amount and volume:

For Transactions greater than $10 (Ten Dollars):
2.8% + $0.30 for all transactions

For Transactions under $10 (Ten Dollars):
4.8% + $.30 for all transactions

Now I just need to buy another gun so I have a reason to use it!!! :guns: :guns: :guns:

Do you various sponsors think you guys will get into this?

Re: Fighting with Paypal

Posted: 26 Nov 2009, 05:43
by M1P90
Here we go again. :evil: :wall: :suicide:
2checkout doesn't like my LED either. I called them and said this WAS NOT a firearm but they said they have discretion to allow or prohibit what they want. :?:

I'll look into expanding my gunpal acct. I wonder what Centerfiresystems uses as a payment hub?

HELP! Can anyone out there tell me of a good Credit Card website?

Re: Fighting with Paypal

Posted: 27 Nov 2009, 03:59
by sabotteur
What we had to do was get our own machine, and manually run each card. This wasn't a problem as we already had the machine for store sales, but can be an inconvenience at night coming home and processing all the net sales. Most of the online credit card processors WILL NOT allow you to sell guns or gun parts over the internet. I don't know why this is other than some lawyer somewhere told them they could somehow be held liable if some clown buys a gun and goes on a shooting spree.

We got our terminal from North American Bankcard. I guess they are no different than the rest. Watch the hidden fees. You can negotiate some of that crap when you set up your account, especially if you think you'll be doing alot of business.

Good luck. I'm still waiting for my 180 day probation period to end on paypal to withdraw the money that was already in my account when they banned ours.

Re: Fighting with Paypal

Posted: 16 Dec 2009, 04:19
by M1P90
Well... I applied and was NOT approved by 3 companies so.... :wall:
for now I'm back using Paypal standard. At least you can chose to pay by Credit Card.
I'll just keep a low profile. :p
I did sign up with Gunpal and will have their Pay button soon.

I have plenty of stock of both the REM T3 and the T3b. :thumb: