My new Rem T-3!

Manufacturer of the Reticle Enhancement Module 3 for the PS90, Illuminates the White Ring Sight,The Black Ring Sight and the Green Dot Fiber Optic Ring Sight.
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My new Rem T-3!

Post by vz58kid » 20 Nov 2014, 21:52

:D My new REM T-3 RED LED review!

Before I bought it I had a bunch of questions and had e-mailed Chris about 4-5 X and he answered all questions very promptly and is truly a great person!

Got it yesterday and very well packed and only too 1 minute to install and on a 1 (out of 11 setting) it works better than my Tritium in my White Ghost ring ever did, the unit is very compact and in no way interferes with line of sight and the T-Bar is centered and clear with no other light interference!

This is truly the best option for these old sights but I don't know why 11 settings on brightness when 4-5 are enough, it also comes with a free return for 30 days and a 1 yr. warranty
and I am truly HAPPY I got it, since I don't like to add a bunch of equip to my guns and there is simply nothing else that fits in the units location unless I want something else and have it sitting 1-2 + inches above line of sight!

Now here is what I don't like, in total darkness when unit is turned on and I am on Zombie Patrol/watch in my Man-cave I did notice when the light setting is higher than a 2 and worst when on 11 (all I use is 1 or 2 and doesn't have this prob then) if I lay gun down or look at gun at any angle I see a ton of red light all around the sight, which could easily be seen by Zombie Scouts or Zombie Snipers!

Also looking at front of gun when setting is higher than 2 the light reflector gives off a red area about 3/4 X 3/4 inches the with and height of the reflector, which can easily be seen from a distance! (might as well light up a Red penlight and wave it)

None of this in any way interferes with using the sight or illuminator at any time, however the Enemy can see your location unless 1 uses a 1 or 2 setting!

What I really like is the sight does NOT interfere using the Ghost ring or my original Tritium sight when the Rem T3 is turned off, there are statements that a strip of electric tape will solve this and I tried and it does but putting also a strip on light gatherer in front of sight looks weird and will/disable using the normal sight!

This Rem T-3 is truly the "Cats-Meow" for these old sights but when hunting Zombies use a low setting or they see you location, since Zombies have excellent Vision at Night! LOL

Very Happy I got it and will recommend to all!

Thank You


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Re: My new Rem T-3!

Post by panzermk2 » 20 Nov 2014, 23:27

Yep Love mine!!!
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