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by fakieflip180
24 Aug 2014, 18:13
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Topic: wow what a fish
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Re: wow what a fish

Gator Gar are illegal, because they are highly endangered. But, you can eat them, the meat is really good from what I have heard. I have a buddy from Louisiana who has eaten it, and said it is really good. I am currently getting things in order to go fishing for different varieties of Gar in Land Be...
by fakieflip180
03 Jul 2014, 17:10
Forum: FiveseveN handguns
Topic: FsN-Friendly Ranges
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Re: FsN-Friendly Ranges

I have at least one update for FiveseveN friendly range, and ammo loactions, not sure where else to put ammo locations. Tennessee Gun Country in Clarksville Tn, has an indoor range, I been emailing them, and they welcome 5.7 shooters. I think just about all the ranges in this area do. I know the Mon...
by fakieflip180
16 Apr 2014, 20:41
Forum: FiveseveN handguns
Topic: New mk2 brass slivers
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Re: New mk2 brass slivers

I had the same problem with my MK2. I shot it when it was brand new it cycled fine but i would get similar slivers. I took a dremel then some buffing wheels with steel polisher on the buffing wheel. I Buffed all the contact points. the rails hammer and sear but most importantly polished the chamber...
by fakieflip180
08 Apr 2014, 15:51
Forum: FN Handguns
Topic: Ammo FNX45
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Re: Ammo FNX45

I have only ever shot Winchester White Box 230 Grain from my FNX 45 and I have never have any issues. I have also cycled Federal Hydro-shock, and CCI #9 Shot Shell through it. Never an issue while I shot it. My brother did do something with it while shooting some of the CCI ammo and it failed to ful...