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by Spudgun
12 May 2014, 22:03
Forum: FiveseveN handguns
Topic: Holster sources for FsN
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Re: Holster sources for FsN

Bravo Concealment appears to be offering their Patriot and RTT holsters for the FiveSeven MKII now; you can get them molded for lights and threaded barrels as well:" onclick=";return ...
by Spudgun
24 Nov 2013, 18:15
Forum: Factory Loaded Ammunition
Topic: American Eagle 40gr 5.7x28mm FMJ :)
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Re: American Eagle 40gr 5.7x28mm FMJ :)

First time poster; thought I'd share my chrono results using AE 5.7 x 28 mm and a FN FiveSeven MK II: Conditions: 70 degrees F, 3900 ft elevation, ~29.9 mm Hg barometric pressure Chrono (Chrony F-1) at 10 ft 5 shots: 1658, 1659, 1649, 1656, 1722 fps Average: 1669 fps St Dev: 26.8 fps Energy at Chron...