FNC mag proto for ss90 need to replace stolen 5,7 collection

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FNC mag proto for ss90 need to replace stolen 5,7 collection

Post by subgn » 12 Mar 2013, 01:20

I had my whole collection of 5,7 ammo stollen from me thsi is what
need, and i have .308 SLAP, and SLAP tracer, plus HK caseless, and Guilford engineer ANSB 9mm to trade for t=it as well as cash and lots of 1949 czech steeel core 9mm ammo as well as some .50 cal israeli API black and blue tip, and a couple of roufuss rounds green abd silver tip mot to ,emtion all other types as well as cash. please helkp me replace my collection. I am looking for at least one box of each but I would rather have 2 boxes of each.
2) SS90
3) L91/SS91 Tracer Red tip
4) SS190 Black tip
5) SS190
6) L191 Tracer Black & Red tip
7) L191 Tracer Red tip
8) SS192 Hollow point
9) SB193 Subsonic White tip
10) T194 Training Green tip hollow point
11) SS195 Lead free Hollow point
12) SS196 Sporting round red tip
14) DUMMY Inert hollow point
15) BLANK Millitary red plastic resin
16) BLANK FN Crimped Movie
17) BLANK Custom crimped movie load
18) SILVER BULLET Custum made by BulletForge
I am also looking for the bokes that that hold 10 boxes of 50rds, as well as the cases voxes sthat hold 1000 rounds or two boxes of 500. as well as ammo cansm I have the ss192 and the L191 ammo can but any others I am interested in
uzi4uandme@gmail.com or vgkauto@yahoo.com

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Re: FNC mag proto for ss90 need to replace stolen 5,7 collec

Post by blueorison » 12 Mar 2013, 06:48

Best wishes in your search!

And welcome to the forum.

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WTB SS90 proto SS190,L191,SB193,T194,SS195,SS196,ss197

Post by subgn » 14 Mar 2013, 02:56

I had my entire collection of 5.7 ammo stolen I need one box of each type of the ammo I put in the posting including one SS90 prototype rd. I have cash but I also have trade, I have some guilford engineer ANSB, .50 cal rounds including the rufuss and israeli API. I alos have some old nazi 8mm if you can help me in any way rebuild my collection I would be most appreciative. please email me at vgkauto@yahoo.com or uzi4uandme@gmail.com. I have a very rare prototype FNC mag that takes 5.7x28, when I got it long ago it was filled with the ss90 rounds, so my guess is FN was trying to use the FNC platform first, with no luck I gather. if you would like pics let me konw and I will send them, if you have even one box of any of this ammo to spare and one round of the ss90 I sure would like to talk with ya. 920-460-4882.

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Re: FNC mag proto for ss90 need to replace stolen 5,7 collec

Post by noclue » 15 Mar 2013, 16:04

I have 192, 195, & 197 if interested.

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