spyderco knives

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Re: spyderco knives

Post by maverick23jhp » 10 Mar 2010, 18:04

The endura is a good knife. Spyderco uses hard steel which you can get very sharp, but at the same time, the tip will break. When you do break it send it to them dont try to fix it. I would get a small multi-tool if you are a repeat offender with breaking the tips. enjoy.

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Re: spyderco knives

Post by RJE » 18 May 2011, 20:29

Spyderco makes some great knives. I've got a few Police models and carry one during my work week. Never had any issues with any of them. The VG-10 steel you mentioned is very nice. Should hold a decent edge for quite awhile.

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Re: spyderco knives

Post by panzermk2 » 18 May 2011, 22:12

I like mine!
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