New PS90 Owner (ranging questions)

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New PS90 Owner (ranging questions)

Post by TheGunGeek » 14 Oct 2016, 19:31

Hello all,

I will be the owner of a new PS90 within the next couple weeks when my order comes in. I have a couple questions for those with experience. My setup will be the 16" barrel with a low profile mount, and a Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED 3.25 MOA for the sight. I will be using the SS198LF round.

1. Given my setup & ammo above, what would be a good distance for the initial sight in?
2. Does the SS198LF have a flat trajectory out to 200 yards from the PS90? If not at what point does it start to drop.

Thank you in advance for any help. Where I live the longest rifle range distance is 200 yards, so the PS90 should be a good fit.

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Re: New PS90 Owner (ranging questions)

Post by kmiles » 19 Oct 2016, 13:05

At 200 yards you will have a real hard time seeing the holes in the paper from the 5.7x28. Most people set their PS90's up to be more a personal defense weapon (what it was designed for), and most of them will use a 50 yard zero. Can it shoot 150-200? Sure, but the usefulness of this round is its velocity, and that drops with distance. Personally 90% of my shooting is at 25-50 yards, with occasional fun on steel at 100. I would not waste the $.50 a round poking holes in paper at longer distances with a PS90. I would not bother setting up a zero any further than 50 yards as it will make the gun less useful at the closer ranges where it shines so bright.

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Re: New PS90 Owner (ranging questions)

Post by panzermk2 » 20 Oct 2016, 04:50

50 yards Self Defense

200 yards Murder 1
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