Viper Vortex red dot on FN pistol?

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Viper Vortex red dot on FN pistol?

Post by boatnut » 26 Dec 2016, 10:52

I recently purchased a Vortex Viper red dot reflex sight and I'm considering mounting it on my FN Pistol. I have a Burris Fastfire on a CZ P-09 and love it. Any thoughts???

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Re: Viper Vortex red dot on FN pistol?

Post by blueorison » 26 Dec 2016, 12:30

Good to go, dude.
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Re: Viper Vortex red dot on FN pistol?

Post by truehuntersupply » 27 Dec 2016, 07:40

Our burris FF3 mount will work with your vortex optic.

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